Dim Sum Diaries
Awhile back I blogged about the upcoming holiday season. Halloween is coming up shortly, so I took the kids to The Disney Store to get their costumes. Since #2 (son) is still young enough so that I can pick his costume out without any objections [insert evil laugh here], his Peter Pan costume was a simple choice.

The difficult one would be #1 (daughter). Though she is somewhat of a tomboy, she's dressed up as a Disney Princess every year since she was two, and she was of a mind to be one again. The question was which Princess? After aimlessly meandering the store for 10 minutes, I decided to drop a few hints.

Mir: So who do you want to be?

#1: I don't know.

Mir: How about Mulan? She is a strong, Asian female role model. She would be cool.

#1: Nah. How about this? I want to be Snow White!

Mir: Are you sure? I have ideological objections to this costume.

#1: What are you talking about? She has a cape and everything!

Mir: But she's an airhead.

#1: What do you mean?

Mir: Well the strange lady comes to her house three times and tries to kill her each time. And each time she takes the bait. You think she'd get a clue the first time around.

#1: I like it because the cape is cool and its not an itchy costume.

Mir: Okay.

So #1 gets her costume of choice.

I am also very excited because a new movie by Richard Curtis (he wrote the screenplay for Notting Hill and Bridget Jones Diary) has a new movie coming out called Love Actually. Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are part of the cast, so what can I say, I'm already there.