Dim Sum Diaries
Here is my answer to a question that I'm sure has kept the seven readers of DSD up late at night. It is a question that goes to the very core of our humanity...okay not really, but here it is:

*drum roll*

How did Lo-Gung win the heart of Mir?

The answer is very complex. Well, complex enough to extend the length of this blog entry. Lo-Gung is a brilliant chemist, even back in our university days, where we met. Some may be thinking, perhaps he used his scientific background to create something nifty and chemistry related to win the heart of Mir, right? Okay, he didn't create the aforementioned link, but if we had DHTML back then, maybe he would have. :)

Okay, so maybe we're thinking Lo-Gung used his artistic side to win the heart of Mir instead. Maybe he used North Korean style interpretive dance to impress his love. Not that either, I'm afraid.

Actually, it was because he was very sweet and emotionally open to me. That and he has a nice ass. Heh heh, now Hubby's gonna be mad at me cuz I blogged about him.

(links via Ernie)

Also, here are some cool holiday cards by Loobylu if you are in the mood for the holiday season already.