Dim Sum Diaries
Well, its 4:14 am and here I am blogging. Lo-Gung (Chinese for Hubby, which is how I will refer to him now on. Literally means "old man" but used to refer to one's Hubby) is on a business trip in Vegas, which means I don't sleep well at all. Luckily he is coming back tonight.

In typical male fashion, Lo-Gung neglects to tell what me what hotel he is staying at and he forgets to bring his cell phone. I assume he will call me the first night he is away, but nothing...zip...nada...zilch.

Luckily, employing my acute mental faculties and whizbang deductive powers of reasoning, I quickly deduce the hotel he is staying at. I call on the way to work (about 7:00 am) and confidently ask for Lo-Gung's room. The operator immediately patches me through and after a few rings I hear the sleepy voice I know so well.

Lo-Gung: Hello...

Me: Hello! Why didn't you call me last night? Do you know you forgot to bring your cell phone? And you didn't tell me what hotel you were staying at...

Lo-Gung: The hotel charges $1.00 a minute. I left the cell phone in the car. And remember I told you last week about the hotel?

Me: Luckily I remembered you stayed there last year. Luckily I didn't have to call every hotel asking for you. Aren't you glad your wife is so smart?

Lo-Gung: Yes, I'm very lucky my wife is a stalker.

Me: Hmph...

Do you see what I have to put up with here?

In addition, I was thinking about enrolling in this school. Perhaps I should ask my Mother to enroll as well...

(Mom, if you are reading this, you know I love you!)

(Thanks to Ernie for the link.)