Dim Sum Diaries
Marley links to a poignant Cox & Forkum cartoon regarding 9/11.

I wanted to post an entry about this day. Perhaps a poem or a speech that would be appropos. I even thought about writing something myself. But I couldn't find anything on the 'Net or summon any words that could adaquately pay tribute without sounding trite or pompous.

So all I can say is that thinking about September 11 invokes emotions similar to the time I visited the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. There are almost 60,000 names engraved on black granite. You immediately sense the somberness and grief that seems to emanate from that wall. Flowers, letters and personal items left in tribute to a particular soldier reminds me that even after 30 some-odd years, they have never forgotten. You walk around and stare at the names, trying to absorb the magnitude of the losses that everyone (not just Americans) suffered.

September 11, 2001.

I will never forget.