Dim Sum Diaries

The Next Entry Preceding The Big Story...

Bah! I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting to Part 3. However, my Internet provider was kaput last night and was still out as of this morning. I'm going to sit my butt down this weekend and hammer it out hopefully...

I was trying to book a flight for Lo-Gung and me's eighth anniversary trip. My Mom recommended we go with this Chinese travel agency, because they offer excellent rates.

"Just mention our name," my Mom said, "And they'll take care of you."

Excellent! I thought to myself. I can use my masterful command of the Chinese language (Cantonese) to score me some good deals here! So I call the travel agency.

Note anything in italics means it was spoken in Chinese.

Heavily Accented Chinese Voice: Hello.

Me: Hello, this is [insert Chinese name here]. I'd like to book a flight...

Travel Agent: Eh? You speak English or Chinese? Because I'm getting confused here.

Me: Shit. I speak English...

The travel agent was very nice though. :)

In completely unrelated news, NBC is showing the American version of Coupling tonight. I am really looking forward to seeing it. You should also check out the British version, which is even cooler!

I will be back on Monday with Part 3, I promise!!