Dim Sum Diaries
One evening after work, Mir sits at home watching yet another Hugh Jackman movie. Suddenly the phone rings...

Mir: Hello.

Unknown Voice: Hello Mir, this is Cruz calling.

Mir: OMG! You mean the same Cruz Bustamante that is the Democratic frontrunner in the California recall election against Gray Davis?

Cruz: The one in the same!

Mir: Wow. Why are you calling me? How did you get my number?

Cruz: Well remember when Bush was elected back in 2000? You were so pissed off that you signed up with your regional Democratic Party organization and volunteered to do web development?

Mir: Yes, sir. And I still believe that through the effective use of web development, we can defeat Bush in '04.

Cruz: Riiiiiiiiighhht....Anyways, the reason I called is because I think you are special, Mir. People like you are a vibrant force in the Democratic Party. I really would like to meet YOU personally.

Mir: Wow...I am special! You know I was thinking, I should do a website for you...www.cruz-on-into-the-governorship-2003.com! You can sing show tunes and everything! I am so excited! You know, I was a political science minor in college. I also did an internship at USAID...

Cruz: Err, actually, you have to pay $250 per person. But you get a nice chicken and rice dinner. And you get to meet me...perhaps even a photo op?

Mir: So wait a minute. If the Democratic Party is sponsoring this shindig, doesn't that imply that you think Gray is going to get his ass kicked?

Cruz: *Cough* Well you know I think the recall is a really really bad idea. But, you know, just in case, I'd be a great alternative. You know, just in case. *Laughs* Gotta keep the governorship in the "family", you know! So what say you, Mir? You in or not?

Mir: Oh. Well I guess I'll think about it. That's kind of a lot of money you know. So its going to be at some really fancy, ritzy hotel for that much money right?

Cruz: Actually, its at the Holiday Inn...

Mir: Damn...

*Disclaimer: This conversation didn't actually take place, I got a fundraising letter in the mail. It detailed a chance to meet Cruz at the local Holiday In (they actually spelled it "In" instead of "Inn"). This entry is tongue-in-cheek, so nobody should get offended as it is only a joke. And yes, I am a registered Democrat.

Also, the local Holiday Inn is known as a nice, mid-level priced place to stay, I'm not bashing it in any way either.