Dim Sum Diaries
This Labor Day holiday weekend was very relaxing. It was nice to spend time with Hubby and the kids.

Random things that happened this weekend:

I was in the bedroom typing away on the computer. All of a sudden, smoke begins to fill the room. I jump up in alarm and wonder why the smoke detector hasn't gone off. Then I remember going to Michaels that morning and buying a fog machine. I cannot resist the idea of mysterious plumes of smoke wafting about while little trick-or-treaters venture to our doorway.

"Hubby, stop playing with the fog machine!" I yell.

I hear the sound of mischievious giggles downstairs. I run down and scowl at Hubby and Kid #1 hunched over the little black contraption, as swirls of smoky fog fills the entire house.

"You are supposed to wait till Halloween you know," I tell Hubby. He sticks his tongue out at me. I sigh.


On Saturday morning, the kids wake up at the crack of dawn (as usual). Hubby wakes up with a stiff neck and is in a lot of pain. I get up and stumble to the bathroom medicine cabinet to look for some type of pain medication to give him. The only thing that hasn't expired is my Pamprin. Too bleary and tired to go downstairs and rummage for something else, I give Hubby two fat pills. He chides me later when I tell him what I gave him, but he feels somewhat better, so it can't be that bad.


My in-laws are gracious enough to babysit the kids for a few hours while Hubby and I go out "on a date". We go to this charming little bistro that is very cozy and romantic. I order duck and he orders filet mignon. Tiny little white lights twinkle as we enjoy our food. There is a long rectangular canvas that dominates one wall of the restaurant. It is painted in muted tones of green, as if to depict a landscape. There are horses galloping in the middle of this "painting". Hubby looks closely at the horses.

"My god, those horses are made of bread! They are thorough-breads! Get it? Like thoroughbreds, but they are made of bread?" Hubby exclaims. I laugh.

"Hey, that's pretty good!" I tell him. I lean in a little closer and meet his gaze.
"So, you are in a good mood tonight. Is it because you are with me on a romantic date or is it because you took the Pamprin?"

Hubby rolls his eyes.