Dim Sum Diaries
It was a hot and steamy day today. Instead of staying in our cool, air-conditioned home sipping mint juleps all day, we decided to venture out.

"And what shall we do today, children?" I ask in my best Maria from Sound Of Music Voice.

"LEGOLAND!" they scream. Well actually, Child Unit #1 and Hubby scream. So after packing some bottled water, a credit card and slathering the children with enough sunscreen to withstand a nuclear attack, we are on our way. I wear a "look at my sexy shoulders because I do ballet" tank top and some shorts. I mostly douse myself with sunscreen, but neglect my shoulders. So we walk around, and after paying $30 for two pizzas, a banana, two cokes and a bag of chips for lunch, we had a nice family bonding time.

However, there are two things that I discovered about my children today.

1. Child Unit #1 (daughter) does not like roller coasters. But she did love the disposable camera we got her as a souvenir and took several pictures of us next to the Lego version of Darth Vader and Bobba Fett.

2. Child Unit #2 (son) is extremely protective of his mother. He was slathered from head to toe in sunscreen, but wanted me to carry him for most of the day. He had one hand gripped on my back while I was carrying him. When I get home, I discover that my shoulders and back are completely red and sunburned, except there is an imprint of his fingers, hand and arm on my back from me carrying him all day. That part wasn't sunburned. Do you see how much he loves me. He thinks to himself, this section of Mommy's back will NOT be sunburned. Not on my watch!!!!

I love my children. ^_^