Dim Sum Diaries
Yesterday was one those hectic Tuesdays, where I went through the day as an automaton. Perhaps I was still tired from the Legoland adventure. Multiple projects at work had to be completed. Traffic must be navigated on the hour-long drive home. An appetizing yet nutritionally complete dinner must be prepared. Must clear dishes, sort the bills, bond with the kids, worry about getting in a couple of hours of meaningful writing and on and on and on (Hubby shares these tasks jointly with me, I don't do it all alone).

So amidst all the hustle and bustle of the day, Hubby walks up behind me while I cook dinner and tenderly kisses the back of my neck. I don't shoo him away like I usually do. Instead I enjoy the sensation. For a moment we become an island of calm serenity in the sea of stress and endless tasks. Later after dinner, he insists I take a rest while he bathes the kids and plays with them until bedtime. Sometimes its nice to get a reminder of why you fell in love with your mate in the first place.

Thanks honey.