Dim Sum Diaries

I Am Cerebro!!!!! I Am Also A Pie!!!!

What the hell is she talking about?? Yeah, that's what I said to myself, too.

I feel like a pie sometimes, cut up into many uneven slices. The biggest portions are alloted to things such as work, Hubby, kids, chores, etc., etc., etc... The sliver I claim for myself is devoted to Mir-centered activities: ballet, Krav Maga (starting in Sept.), and writing.

And when I do find the time and energy to write, the Muses that inspire poignant discourse are often fleeting. I usually write best when I intensely feel the emotions that drive a paticular piece, such as the last entry. Hubby often accuses me of being a Cerebro that way. Perhaps this weekend I should repeatedly watch romantic scenes involving Hugh Jackman to be inspired to get going on this manuscript (affectionately nicknamed THE BEAST).

Or I could listen to this inspiring piece, recorded by a bud of mine (+2 points if you identify where this is from). Heh heh.

I'll let you know how it goes... ^_^