Dim Sum Diaries
Apparently a long week of work and stress and family stuff has produced a brainless Mir this Friday. I absolutely cannot figure out what to write about today. But for the six readers that visit this blog daily (mostly random people who google the phrase “dim sum”…you know who you are!), I know you would be lost without another post from good ‘ole DSD.

So Plan B is BlogFodder! The subject of the day is to write about 11 objects in your immediate vicinity. Do you see the clever irony? 11 Objects on the 11th of July! So here it is (drumroll):

1. A bottle of Aquafina water. – Water good.

2. A little plastic reindeer that “poops” out brown jellybeans. - It was a white elephant gift from my cousin-in-law. Thanks a lot, Tod!

3. A stapler. – Stapling things and making loud stapling noises assures boss that I am diligently working on my projects.

4. A Mother’s Day Picture of Daughter – She made the frame at school by gluing macaroni and spraying it with gold spray paint. It has a picture of her in it. Very cute.

5. A Teapot Calender – From my mother-in-law who didn’t need it. It is feminine and adds a splash of color to my otherwise gray cell cubicle.

6. A plaque that reads “Happy Easter” sent to me by a grateful client because my mighty programming skills saved their company from ruin (okay that may be a slight overstatement).

7. A furry little koala plushie sent by my minion buddy Cyc from Aussie-land.

8. A hidden stash of cinnamon Altoids.

9. My Casio HS-8V Calculator – Handy for when I need to add 2+2.

10. Headphones For Listening to CDs with – For some reason I listen to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack over and over and over…

11. Headset for the Phone – It has a big black microphone, handy for pretending I am Britney Spears or Madonna, much to the chagrin of my co-workers.