Dim Sum Diaries
I was driving home from ballet class on Wednesdy night, thinking about THE GREAT CHINESE-AMERICAN novel. The elusive elements of the novel that had been swirling around in my head suddenly clicked into place and I felt inspired to write. Now I have an idea of the setting and I've written what will probably be the first chapter. It is a very good feeling to feel like you've made some progress.

I've always admired people who could take something they enjoy doing and produce something that will not only generate income, but will be something that other people will enjoy as well. For example, Gurinder Chadha wrote and directed/produced "Bend It Like Beckham", which was pretty brilliant. Wil Wheaton (former Star Trek TNG star) just published his first book. He is a couple of years older then I am, and he wrote on his website what a great feeling it was to finally accomplish something that wasn't associated with Star Trek. I'd give you a direct quote but I'm too tired and lazy to put in the url.

Sometimes I feel like a totally ordinary person. I have an ordinary life, what could I possibly write that would be of interest to anyone...but then I get inspired and it spills from my brain to the keyboard. So writing has been something I've always enjoyed, but over the last year it has become a daily thing I have to do. A way to express myself, to put a piece of myself on paper. The power of words never fails to amaze me. It is able to conveys one's feelings, experiences and emotions. So can you tell its really late at night and I haven't even bothered to edit this entry at all? But tonight I'm happy. Very happy.