Dim Sum Diaries
It hit me today. At approximately 10:45 am this morning, my stomach rose up and wailed like Chewbacca on a rampage. I am HUNGRY, my stomach cried. Get yo fat ass out the door to Carls Jr. and get me a big fat burger! So I hop in my car and get my ass down to the local Carls. I don't usually eat red meat, mind you. But approximately once a month I crave heavy, greasy, solid comfort food. I could already smell the scent of grilling meat when I stepped out of the car. You know it is a hundred times more delicious when you are uber-hungry.

When I walk in, the dizzying array of choices assaults my senses. Do I go for the more sensible Famous Star combo, which is probably all greased up but not as bad as the other ones? Or do I opt for the Western Bacon Cheeseburger combo with Onion Rings. Where the meat is tucked in with crisp, sizzling bacon, two delicious onion rings and that tangy bbq sauce. Mmmmm. So guess which one I picked. Yes, I got the Western Bacon Heart Attack special. I was so hungry I couldn't even wait to get back to the office to sink my teeth into my prize and yes, it was delicious. For a moment, food was love!

When I was a wee lass (teenager) I could pack 3 or 4 of these puppies away a week. Now that I am an older fart at age 31, I'm lucky to eat one once every six months.

Another drawback to getting older: you get hairier faster, so I'm off to get my upper lip and brows waxed.