Dim Sum Diaries

Make Sure You Think About It Before You Do It...

Anabelle was on the older side, no longer enjoying the fresh bloom of youth. Streaks of grey would have peppered her hair, had she not meticulously kept her monthly appointments with her colorist Henri. She didn't have that many regrets in her life, and the few that she did would only surface just before she fell asleep, when she had a few minutes for her mind to wander. Because she was driven and determined to succeed, she had a fabulous career, but she also lived alone in her house, with only her cat for company.

One evening when she got home from work, her cat didn't come to greet her as usual at the door.

"Fitz! Where are you, puss?" she called out. She searched through the house, but to no avail. She finally decided to try the attic, noting Fitz's penchant for sleeping there at times. As she climbed the rickety staircase, the movement of light and shadow from the room caught her attention. Cautious now, she peered into the attic when she reached the top of the stairs. Fitz was sprawled out on top of an old desk, next to a glowing lamp. A sliver of smoke emanated from the lamp as a magic genie suddenly appeared!

"My lady," the Genie intoned, bowing to Anabelle. "I am able to grant you three wishes, what is your command?"

Anabelle wasted no time in demanding her heart's desire. "I wish to be young and beautiful, to be rich, and that my cat Fitz here turns into my handsome, sexy Prince Charming."

Poof! Her wishes were granted. Anabelle looked at herself in the nearby mirror. She was indeed young and beautiful. Piles of jewels and money littered the floor. And a handsome, dark-haired young man with eyes like the sea after a storm and a hardened, muscular body stood at her side. Anabelle couldn't believe her cat had been transformed into this Adonis. The handsome young man took Anabelle into his arms, his darkly intense eyes staring into hers. Anabelle shivered in anticipation. He leaned his lips close to her ear and whispered, "Aren't you sorry you had me neutered now?"