Dim Sum Diaries
Ballet class was pretty fun last night. Three new people showed up. One apparently had tried to take the Adult 2 class but was sneered out of class by the teacher. The teacher, of all people! So I made an extra effort to be friendly to everyone. It was nice not to be the newbie anymore.

This weekend I am heading to the Anime Expo in Anaheim. I really adore this anime series called Robotech and all my life my fam has sniggered over the fact that I obssess over this series.

Dad: Are you watching Robotech again???
Mom: Do you want these old Robotech toys from your misguided youth or do you want me to throw them out?
Sister: OMG, I can't believe you bought the whole RT series on DVD!
Hubby: What? Your chatting with those Robotech people again??? Why do you keep talking about a series that is over 20 years old???

Do you see what I have to put up with here? Well this weekend, no more! This weekend I stand shoulder to shoulder with the hordes of people who will show up to the Con and are proud to call themselves anime nerds! So like, if anyone is going, I'll see you at the Robotech panel on Saturday.