Dim Sum Diaries
I thought I'd write a lighter entry this time around, since the last post was kind of heavy.

In attempting to write a manuscript, I feel like I'm trying to create Pygmalion---an idealized version of a guy that the heroine could fall in love with. For a long time Hero X was like a hairless manikin. He was generic looking and he had no name and no personality. It makes for difficult writing. So I had to "create" this guy from scratch. What does he look like? What makes him tick? I thought I could draw inspiration from handsome Hollywood types. For inspiration, I perused one of my favorite websites for some ideas (visit the link, you'll get what I'm talking about).

Here is a list of guys that I keep coming back to:

1. Hubby

2. Jeremy Northam

3. Ioan Gruffudd

4. Hugh Jackman

Imagine my surprise when I realized that they all had something in common!

1. They all have dark brown hair.

2. They all have short hair and are the clean shaven type (except for Hugh Jackman in his current project but we'll forgive him for that).

3. Their bods are quite yummy...

4. I've seen them naked.

Okay, except for Hubby, I've only seen the other three nekked in pictures.

So at least I have the physical prototype of the hero outlined. I just have to sketch in a few details about his personality.

More to come...