Dim Sum Diaries

Conversation I Wish I Didn't Have This Weekend...

I baked a pie tin of scones yesterday morning. My mom is staying with me this week and I joked with her multiple times about us both being snack-pigs because of the hot weather.

After a paticularly large dinner, I entered the kitchen to find the pie tin of scones completely empty, with only a few crumbs left. I was shocked and immediately headed to my mom's room.

"Mother! You ate all the scones!" I said in a horrified whisper. "I thought you were full from dinner! That was a whole tin..."

"I put them away in the fridge so they wouldn't spoil, " Mom said testily. She narrowed her gaze. "Are you calling me a fat ass?"

"Uh..." I sputtered for several seconds.

Then she started laughing because she psyched me out. I love my mom.