Dim Sum Diaries

Saying It In French Makes It Sound Better...

I think I went a little overboard this weekend. My cool new laptop had to be placed in an equally cool atmosphere. I dusted off my desk which had formerly been a book/magazine holder and also bought a trendy desk lamp. I placed my new iBook upon the center of the desk, so now it looks totally stylin'.

"Behold my new ESCRITOIRE..." I declared to Hubby and my mom (who was staying for the week) proudly.

"A what?" Hubby wanted to know.

"Its French for 'writing desk'. Now after the toils of the day I can perch daintily at my ESCRITOIRE whilst keying in "THE GREAT CHINESE-AMERICAN NOVEL" and listening to classical music on my iTunes," I bragged.

My mom, whom has always been able to see past my bullshit, merely asked, "So when are you going to start writing?"

"Tonight!" I tell her. "After I surf the Internet."