Dim Sum Diaries
I forgot to give an update on ballet class from last week. It went well (as opposed to the first class). There were five dancers (including me). Three of them were college age and the other looked to be in her late '30s or early '40s (this sounds bad, but yay! I'm not the oldest one in the class!). After an initial silence, one of the dancers chatted with me, so that was pretty cool.

"Did anyone go to the ballet class last week? I didn't. I heard it was HORRIBLE!" Friendly Dancer exclaimed.

"I did," I volunteered. "There were about 20 dancers and it was pretty traumatic."

"And you came back for more?" another girl asked jokingly.

"Yep," I said.

Brenda (the instructor) was really nice. While we were at the barre, she walked around inspecting our "technique".

"Pull your leg back into your hip socket when you do your extensions," she instructed me. She moved my leg to demonstrate the proper position.

"I didn't know I could bend that way," I said. Brenda laughed at my lame joke.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class even though my body hurt like hell for days afterwards. I go back again tonight.

Side Note: I deleted the MoonCup entry because I grossed myself out when I thought about it. Also, I am working on Saffy's Diary Entry #2, so look for it over the next few days.