Dim Sum Diaries

How Harry Potter Showed Me The Way To True Love...

Okay not quite, but Harry Potter did show me that love puts up with a lot of shit. The release date for HP in the U.S. is 6/21. I reserve the book for Hubby on Thursday, 6/19.

"Oh I can't wait till the midnight release party for HP!" Bookstore Clerk enthuses, thus tricking me into thinking that the release party is for that night. At about 1:00 am, I am awakened from a deep sleep when Hubby saunters into the room after playing his computer game.

"Mrmmph mrmmph HP book party tonight...mmprhph you should go get book," I mumble.

"Really?" Hubby asks. He is out the door like a shot, driving like a mo fo in the middle of the night to get his beloved book. He comes home awhile later.

"The bookstore was closed. Nobody was there," he informs me dejectedly.

"Mmmph," I maunder.

Friday morning dawns and Hubby figures out that I told him to go on the wrong night. He makes it a point to inform me of that fact. Oops. That night is the actual Book Party night, but when he again goes at midnight, the bookstore is mobbed. He leaves without getting the book. He is bummed. The next day (Saturday) I have a bunch of errands to run in the morning.

"Okay honey, I'm going shopping now," I tell him. "Can you watch the kids for a bit? I'll get you the HP book. You big, strong, handsome hunka burnin' love you..."

I flutter my lashes in a way he can't refuse.

"Yes, dear," he mutters.