Dim Sum Diaries
I got my iBook laptop delivered today. Yay, I’m so happy! Unfortunately Apple doesn’t make those cool colored ones anymore. Apparently businessmen had a problem with it not looking high-tech enough.

Businessman X: "Yes, let me whip out my purple iBook and show you the rising figures. iBook! I said iBook!"

Hubby and I were engaging in hand-to-hand combat over who gets access to our main PC on a nightly basis. I want to surf the ‘Net and obsess over my website stats, he wants to play Eve. We also got a Wireless Router so I can use my laptop from anywhere in the house. What a wonder modern technology is.

Of course, the main rationale for buying the laptop was so I could start fulfilling my lifelong ambition of writing a book/novel. So we’ll see how it goes. I’m scribbling notes and an outline on it as we speak.

Good music to write by:

1. The American President (the movie soundtrack), so I can write witty, intelligent dialogue that takes place while walking quickly through multiple rooms like Aaron Sorkin.

2. Emma (the movie soundtrack) by Rachel Portman, so I can write thoughtful, sensitive, endearing dialogue like Jane Austen.

Can you tell that I like movie soundtracks? ^_^