Dim Sum Diaries
I think this "Adventures In Writing" exercise is a good idea. If I keep writing different and varied pieces, then I'm likely to strike gold idea-wise sometime soon. Its like this blog. I signed on for the free version of Blogger last year. First it was "Chiuster's Blog", but that was kind of boring because I didn't really know what to write about. I emailed my family about it, but I think only the Hubby and maybe my mom visited. So that obviously was a no-go. Then in December, after seeing LOTR: TTT, I was like, I love LOTR! I should do a blog themed upon it! I called version two "My Elvish Name Is Annuntilwen", which I thought was totally cool, but then nobody read that either. Except maybe Hubby, and only then because I nagged him into it. I didn't want to write a blog strictly about my daily life, because that sounded so boring to me. I felt like I didn't have anything interesting to say. Damn, what the hell do I do every day? Go to frigging work, come home, cook dinner, spend time with the kids, blah blah blah. However, since the DAY (my birthday), which was so traumatic (still getting counseling, meds to cope), I finally came up with the bright idea of The Dim Sum Diaries. It turns out there is a Canadian TV show a few years back by the same name, but since they haven't said anything yet, I'm assuming that its not copyright infringement.

Okay, enough blathering. Let's do it, baby.

Explore the possibilities…Version #2

How might a typical scene in a book a la Bridget Jones Diary go? We'll call it "Saffy's Diary", shall we?

Friday, June 13, 2003

7:30 am - Woke up late again. Luckily work is casual casual so don’t have to wear stupid pantyhose. Stopped at Peet's Coffee on the way to work to get some yummies.

8:30 am - Boss on a rampage…must type LOUDLY to ensure boss I am actually working when he is stalking around the office, "checking" our progress. I have to finish coding my assigned module of the application our team is building by end of this week. Deadline looms and everyone is pissy.

10:00 am - Sneaking in a little writing whilst Boss is in a meeting. Watched A&E’s rendition of Jane Eyre last night. Thought Earl of Rochester was absolutely brilliant. Perhaps should try to write novel set entirely on the English moors and the drawing room of some dark, damp English castle, complete with brooding Earl.

His orbs were a deep cerulean blue. A blue so blue that it was almost violet. His hair was the color of midnight, a darkness that one would only find on the darkest hour of the darkest night. The warrior blood of his ancestors pounded through his veins as he stood brooding. His tall and erect figure was a defiant splash of black on the desolate, grey English moor. The moon had just risen over the interlacing fingers of the grey clouds. The wind, oh what an angry wind, blew with such force that his dark cloak billowed about him. The tall, arrogant straight line of his profile belied the deep sorrow he bore alone. Oh the sorrow!

"I will never forget…" he murmured to himself as he at last turned and disappeared in the gray, enveloping fog…

12:00 pm – Lunch! Writing makes me hungry…

2:00 – Am thinking about dressing up as Captain Janeway for company Halloween party. Even though it is months away, it is sure way of catching the attention of new hottie Jack. I hear he is a Trekker. Trekkie. Whatever. Ordering online. Wonder if I should get matching phaser and deluxe com badge as well…

4:00 – Must hurry and finish project before Boss goes postal again. Am going to have drinks with Jules tonight at Dick's Last Resort, a bar that she swears is da bomb. Is "da bomb" even still a hip phrase anymore?

8:35 pm – Dick’s Last Resort is loud and lively. Maybe I'm getting old, but the live band mangling The Red Hot Chili Peppers is not conducive to cruising for guys. Paper napkins litter the floor (for ambiance?) and the pool of available males seems limited here. I sip my Tom Collins fervently. Jules tells me to chill and go with the flow. Whatever. She's already cozied up to some guy. What the hell, I gotsta get me some tonight. Finally after a year few months I will be utter sex goddess again!

9:48 pm – I spot a potential bogey. Scanning is complete. Target has been locked, phasers are set to stun! I catch his eye and he walks over. We make some inane small talk. His name is Ian and he's a fitness trainer. He has a nice bod.

Ian: Hey, that’s a nice dress you got there. Do you think I can talk you out of it?
Me (raising an eyebrow): That's your best line?
Ian: How about this: let's dance, baby.
Me: Sure, what the hell.

So we dance to the live band’s horrible rendition of N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye". This is the last time I am letting Jules talk me into coming to this place.

10:30 pm - Yes! I'm gonna score with Ian, if the sloppy kisses and fumbling around are any indication. Damn, he has nice pecs!

10:31 pm - I just lit up a ciggie. Ian is snoring like a bull, it was over so quickly. Should have known that Ian flexing his pecs while humming "Dueling Banjos" as a pre-mating ritual was not a good sign. Maybe sex is overrated...when will I find true love?


Hmm...this sounds a little better...I had fun writing this one. ^_^