Dim Sum Diaries
I could barely crawl out of bed this morning because my muscles protested every move I made. This was directly caused by the ballet class I took yesterday, which also provided a much-needed outlet for stress relief.

Brenda (the ballet instructor) recommended that the four others in my class move on to Adult 2. However, some are hesitant to leave the comfort and camaraderie of Adult 1. Even though Adult 2 is only the “somewhat slightly better then beginner” class, an element of snobbery exists. Apparently they act like they are the shit even though they aren’t quite at the advanced/professional stage yet. I’m sure they work very hard, but it seems like the snobbery is premature. It’s like the fashionably dressed sales clerks who work at some swanky department store. They look like they should grace the cover of the J. Crew catalogue. They also tend to be pretty snobby, yet they make only minimum wage.

I have observed a subtle change in my routine since taking up ballet. I now pluck my eyebrows and shave (great, now it sounds like I have a mustache which I don’t) on a fairly regular basis. This is to avoid the “unibrow/noticeable-hairy-leg-hairs-beneath-the-tights/hairy-pits” look. Not attractive. I also notice that I carry myself with more confidence. Maybe it’s the knowledge that I’m doing something cool, or perhaps it’s the inherent snobbery of the sport starting to rub off on me. Who knows? In the meantime, I’m having fun.