Dim Sum Diaries
We went to visit my parents for Mother's Day weekend. I took them out for dinner at this Korean BBQ place. Afterwards, my mom and I went to worship at the altar of Wal-Mart (we love that store!) to get some stuff. I got my mom onto the Slimfast shake diet and she seems to like it. Wal-Mart had "Buy 8 for the price of 6" and she wanted to get some. When we got there, we perused the various flavors.

"Don't get the cappuccino flavor, Mom. It makes your piss smell like sh*t." I told her. I watched her face closely to see if she if she was shocked and scandalized by my potty mouth.

"Well since I only want the vanilla flavor, I won't have to worry about my pee smelling like sheet, will I?" she retorted. She emphasized the word "sh*t" in a tone that implied "You are too old for your mouth to be washed out with soap but I will not acknowledge the fact that you are trying to shock me thus I will say the word too". I merely laughed.

As it turned out, Wal-Mart only had the special on the Banana Creme flavor. After some debating, she decided to get the banana despite earlier statements that she only wanted vanilla.

"Mom, you don't even know what that tastes like!" I protested. "You can't resist a bargain, can you, even if it tastes horrible?"

"Yup." She said. Somehow my mom always manages to get the last word.