Dim Sum Diaries
Update On Newly Acquired Ballet Obsession:

I decided to bid for the ballet lessons at the online auction. I rather felt like Gollum...I had my eyes glued to the remaining 40 minutes of the auction to make sure no lying, treacherous hobbitses stole away my lessons...and I won that MO FO! Yay!

It would be three months worth of tuition at half the price, plus helping out Public Radio. The great benefits are that I finally get some exercise and now I have something interesting to write about on my blog. You know how some people blog/report about growing mold on their feet or maybe putting smelly meat in various places. Well, I'm not so bold. So I'll blog about a 31 year old who is trying to relive her childhood dream of being a ballerina (I still gots the moves! maybe). I am somewhat out of shape, so we'll see how a weekly 1.5 hours of vigorously doing plies and arabesques after a full workday for 3 months pans out.