Dim Sum Diaries
His 50%

In another fit of "The World Is Depressing So I'm Making My Home Prettier", I went to Agent Orange and bought massive amounts of flowers to plant in the backyard. As I pull into the driveway, Hubbo comes out of the house to help me unload the car.

"Wow," I tell him. "You look so muscular and manly. You been working out, stud-muffin?"

He raises his eyebrow at this blatant piece of flattery. "You want me to plant the flowers, don't you?" he says.

"Hunky AND smart!" I exclaim. "I'll watch the kids, okay?"

Hubby grumbles under his breath but he acquiesces.

My 50%

I usually go to bed earlier then my husband. One morning I wake up and go down to the kitchen to make breakfast. The kitchen island is littered with candy bar wrappers and the remnants of a bag of chips (guess who is the snacker in the family...not me).

"Honey!" I yell. "Why didn't you clean up your mess?"

"Mpmmhph," is his garbled reply.

I clean up the kitchen and I go back upstairs to get ready for work. As I walk about our bedroom, I pick up the trail of man-clothes/undergarments leading from the shower, to the bathroom and then the bed.

"Mphpmnhh," he comments again as he stretches out and turns over in bed to sleep that extra ten minutes as I feed the kids and help get them ready for their day.

Love...after eight years of marriage...ain't it grand?