Dim Sum Diaries
I was just checking the news sites and I came across some interesting stories. The first is about the emotional trauma that U.S. forces endure while serving in the Gulf. They go through "critical event stress debriefings" where they talk about their experiences. The article gives some vivid examples:

The tough young recruit frothing in anger as he recalled a lieutenant's command to leave a dead brother soldier on the road - another crew would retrieve him, "Keep that vehicle moving!"

The veteran squad sergeant, all sinew, jaw working against his grief, recalling the task of pulling the remains of a dead friend from his ruined tank, "even a piece of skull that I put in my pocket and carried around, I don't know why."

Also, the Iraqi lawyer who helped to save Jessica Lynch has been granted asylum by the U.S. He arrived here on 4/10 and is now free to start a new life.