Dim Sum Diaries
Winter was inching in slowly. The bare trees and decreasing temperatures was a stark reminder that the semester was almost over. A few of us "guilty ones" had gathered one Friday to informally discuss the PSD?s announcement. No one was certain whether they should come forward or not. To confess would only mean certain humiliation and possible expulsion.

"I think we should do it," said Dave suddenly. Dave was the elected president of our class. He had a casual personality and an easy smile for everyone who met him.

"Are you serious?" I said. "You?re going to get kicked out!"

"Well technically, I did drink, so why the hell not?" he replied. "What do you guys think?"

"I think you?re crazy," I told him. He shrugged.

I had already decided not to say anything. The semester had started out so brilliantly. I was enthralled with my internship and the city. However, this idealism quickly soured when the teachers kept shoving their dogmatic opinions down my throat. I reacted by regurgitating exactly what they wanted, but I was also frustrated and bitter. Perhaps subconsciously I defied the honor contract as a way to protest the Program?s stringent mentality. With only two weeks left in the program, I reasoned that coming forward would be futile and give them the final say over an already horrible experience.

The debate continued for a while longer. In the end only Dave and his two roommates decided to come forward. Having made their decision, all three went to go talk to PSD. I just sat and stared off into space. I must have looked pretty upset because Jack grabbed my hand. "Come on, let?s get out of here," he said quietly. He told me to grab my gear in order to spend the night at Daniel?s place, who was away on a flight.

We got take-out and ate dinner at the apartment. By that time I had managed to calm down somewhat. Jack made banana pudding to cheer me up.

"I hate this fucking place," I told Jack. "I don?t know if I can stand to be here for another three weeks."

"I know. Why don?t you reschedule your flight so that you leave DC earlier instead of staying that extra week after school ends?" he suggested.

I seized upon the idea immediately. "Great idea," I said. I called American Airlines and changed my flight. It wasn?t cheap, but it was worth it to leave the hellhole. I?d also get to see my boyfriend sooner. After the phone call, I immediately felt better. When I got back to my apartment the next day, I sought out Dave to ask him what happened. He grimaced.

"PSD said the faculty has to discuss it and they?ll let us know their decision on Monday," Dave said. Well their fate was sealed. The only thing to do was to wait.