Dim Sum Diaries

Welcome To The Dim Sum Diaries

What is Dim Sum?

Dim Sum means "a little bit of heart" in Chinese. During lunch hour at Chinese restaurants everywhere (at least at the ones that serve dim sum) restaurant workers push around metal carts filled with various dishes of food, hawking their specialty. If you are interested, you signal the worker to put the food on your table. He or she then stamps your bill. Everyone can order their favorite dish and then some because you need a lot of these dishes to satisfy your appetite. My family and I did this pretty much every weekend when I was growing up. It gave us a chance to bond and share. Oh yeah, and eat too (a very important ritual for Chinese people).

And Why Is There A Diary About It?

Dim Sum doesn't really have anything directly to do with this blog. Maybe I'll share some of the various dishes that are served, but more then likely, I'd like to talk about my life and issues from my perspective. Little morsels of information that everyone can digest, though they don't have to necessarily like it. It could be jokes, political humor or something about my life. Each time I post I'll try to include some vignette relevant to Asian-Americans. A link or story or something. I'm making this up as I go along.

And for my first "vignette":

Emotion Eric

Its really funny! And he's Asian too!